American Sokol XXIV National Slet and Festival


Calling all Sokols from sea to shining sea, from the fruited plains, from across the mighty oceans!! Join together as we celebrate our traditions and establish new ones for the future.

The Western District is honored to host the American Sokol XXIV National Slet and Festival

June 22 – 25, 2017
Cedar Rapids, Iowa – the City of Five Seasons  

The devastating flood of 2008 may have taken away their 100 year old hall
But not their Sokol spirit!

“The Tradition Continues”

Tentative Schedule:
Thursday 6/22 – Coaches Meeting
Cal and Marching Competition
Opening Ceremonies / Special Number Presentations
Friday, 6/23 – Volleyball Competition
Fitness Challenge Competition
Teen Dance / Banquet
Saturday, 6/24 – Gymnastics Competition
Victory Dance
Sunday, 6/25 – Slet Program Rehearsals
Slet Program

Committees and Lead Personnel
Chairman – Allison Gerber, Western District (WD) President, Sokol Cedar Rapids –
         Secretary/Treasurer – Shelley Cairns, WD Treasurer, Sokol CR Secretary –
         Meribeth Tooke, National Treasurer, Sokol Spirit Educational Director –
         Public Relations – Jeanne Vogt, Sokol CR 2nd VP –
         Lynda Filipello, National PR/Marketing, Central District president
         BOI – Maryann Fiordelis, National Physical Director, Sokol Detroit –
         Teen Dance / Banquet – Jean Hruby, National President, Sokol Stickney –
         Program Book – Theresa Vernon, WD Women’s Dir., Sokol Crete Gym Dir. –
         Souvenirs – Debra Allison    WD Educational Director, Sokol Cedar Rapids –
         Museum – Rome Milan  Southern District Men’s Director, Sokol Fort Worth –

If you have any suggestions, ideas, and/or wishes for activities, procedures, sale items you are encouraged to contact the lead directly.