Announcement from the President

The BBLA (Bohemian Benevolent & Literary Association) produced a video about Norma Zabka, with our support, and presented it to her this past week. American Sokol sent flowers to Norma for this wonderful event.

I know you all agree that American Sokol and many of our members have been the core of many great things that were developed in the USA. We are very proud of our Norma Zabka and are grateful to the BBLA for putting this presentation together for her. A special thank you to Ed Chlanda of Sokol New York and member of our Sokol Museum & Library committee for alerting us of this presentation and including American Sokol. We now have an amazing recorded piece of history for our Sokol Museum & Library! This is a great example and hope we can eventually have more historic recordings of our members and their accomplishments. The link to the video is below.

Please join me in congratulating our very own Norma Zabka of Sokol New York for all of her accomplishments. Thank you for your amazing talents, leadership and for being an American Sokol!

We salute you with a sincere, Zdar! Zdar! Zdar!
Jean Hruby, President

Norma B. Zabka: A Gymnast’s Story