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American SokolDeclaration of Principles

American Sokol is a multi-faceted organization guiding its members throughout life from early youth through maturity, to physical and moral health, good citizenship and responsible patriotism, combined with continuous self-improvement. These goals are pursued through general physical fitness activities, gymnastics and sports, as well as varied cultural and social activities.

Sokols value moral integrity and expect that members will live their lives honorably and be faithful to the truth. Our sense of morality rejects bias and prejudice.

Sokols affirm that they are proud of their citizenship in our great country, the United States of America; that they continue to vigilantly guard the democratic principles on which our country and our organization is based; that we honor the sacrifice of Sokols who fought valiantly in past wars to defend our freedom and independence; and that our patriotism is deep, sincere and extends to commitment and action in our local and wider communities.

Sokols accept the ideal of a “sound mind in a sound body”. In our gymnasiums participants strive for the
ability to physical improvement through calisthenics, gymnastics, sports and fitness activities. As an educational organization Sokol teach, develop and mentor young and old alike without concern for race or creed. It is a place of working together, learning new skills, helping one another, and giving of oneself. American Sokol Constitution and Bylaws 2018-2022

Sokol was born from noble goals and a willingness to give to others. The future of Sokol is in the hands of those who accept the mantle and carry it forward. NAZDAR! (ON TO SUCCESS!)