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Sokol Founder - Miroslav Tyrs

Sokol Founder – Miroslav Tyrs

Sokol Founder - Jindrich Fugner

Sokol Founder – Jindrich Fugner

SokolThe Falcon, is a bird who, by his swiftness and energy, symbolizes the active, vigorous, strenuous, real Spartan life, which is the ideal of Sokol programs.

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American Sokol would like to thank the following organizations and foundations for their continued support and for believing in our mission. Together we are united in building stronger communities.

American Sokol is a member of the World Sokol Federation together with Sokol organizations from Europe and Australia. We regularly participate with Sokols abroad in festivals (Slets) and international competitions including USAG and World Gymnaestrada. All of these organizations follow the same methodology; that sport is for all.

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