Minutes of 2/8/06 Meeting

This meeting opened at 7:35 p.m. by Sis. B. Vondra at American Sokol Office in Oak Brook, Illinois. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. The following BOI members were present: John Bazata, Christina Curran, Bev Domzalski, Mary Ann Fiordelis, Chuck Kalat, Jan Kalat, Matt Kocek, Barb Kucera, Bob Kucera, Paul Lebloch, Juanita LoGiudice, Frank Michalek, Nancy Pajeau, Kandi Pajer, Irena Polashek, Pat Satek, Barb Vondra, Pat Vondra and Howie Wise. Tom Pajer, Lynda Bazata and Beth Kocek were excused.
– A moment of silence was observed for Br. Fred Kala.
– February birthday greetings: Bud Benak, Lynda Bazata, Mary Cushing, Christina Curran and Patti Vondra.

– Minutes of the January 11, 2006, meeting were reviewed.
MOTION made by Br. B. Kucera to accept the minutes of the January 11, 2006, American Sokol – BOI Meeting, seconded by Sis. N. Pajeau and passed.

– Juanita LoGiudice, postage ($5.98), containers ($27.57) and office supplies ($59.50), $93.15.
– Chuck Kalat, office supplies ($16.00) and postage ($124.00) for National Camp announcements and registration mailing to youth members, $140.00.
– Tom Pajer, ASPT passport pictures from Walgreens, $69.19.
– Tom Pajer, postage for pyramid donations, $78.00.
MOTION made by Sis. B. Kucera to approve bills, seconded by Br. P. Lebloch and passed (3 opposed).

Mail Sent:
– Maryann Fiordelis, copies of past yearly unit attendance reports.
– 2006 Prague Slet participants, letter and calisthenics charts.

Mail Received:
– Jane Wise, 2007 Instructor School Bid application for Sokol Greater Cleveland.
– Invitation from Greater Pittsburgh, free tours, kelly.hall@gpcvb.org and www.planpittsburgh.com.
– Tom Pajer, Performance Team letter regarding pyramid donations.
– Chuck Kalat, February, 2006, Directors’ Newsletter.
– Barb Vondra, IL USAG Newsletter, www.Region5.com/Illinois.

E-mails received:
– Tom Pajer, two e-mails with link subscribers.
– Barb Vondra, USA Gymnastics Fitness Site www.usa-gymnastics.org/fitness.
– USAG, American Cup Philadelphia, March 4, 2006, www.usa-gymnastics.org/events/2006/american-cup/amcup-home.html.
– Bud Benak, Sokol South Omaha withdrew their bid for 2007 Instructor’s School.
– Jan Kalat, Regular Action List, 1/14/06, forwarded to BOI.
– Bev Domzalski, 1/11/06 BOI minutes, forwarded to BOI.
– Chuck Kalat, regulation uniform section of Tournament Rules.
– Paul Lebloch, new e-mail address, plebloch@comcast.net.
– Jerry Milan, USA Gymnastics BOD questionnaire about American Sokol organization; Br. C. Kalat completed; Sis. J. Hruby attending 3/10/06 USAG meeting.
– Coach Glen Cameron, soccer link information.
– Ivo Broskevic, applications for financial gifts by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic; Dobruska Czech Language Course, July 28-August 25, 2006, application deadline is 3/31/06, forwarded to BOI; and Academic Semesters in the Czech Republic, 2006 Winter and 2007 Summer semesters, application deadlines 3/15/06 and 8/15/06, forwarded to BOI.
– American Council on Exercise, January, 2006 newsletter, www.acefitness.org.
– Sokol Washington DC, February, 2006 newsletter.
– Word “Sokol” part of local TV Guide crossword puzzle #886, January 16-22, 2006, issue; answer in January 23-29, 2006 issue.
– Cheri Riddle/Ellie Babka, USA Traveling Carillon of Prague tour, www.travelingcarillon.com.
– Landsberger, Sokol Minnesota members (Mary Cahill, Norm Petrik, etc.) marched with Sokolights & puppets in St. Paul Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade.
– Kuppler Graphics, Inc., screen prints, www.kupplertee.com.

– Youth Committee meeting held January 16, 2006.
– There are 1, 545 registered youth members.
– There are a potential 19 members from Ceska Sin and 63 from Sokol West as soon as their checks are received by the office.
– Youth committee is considering moving the registration deadline from 12/31 to 11/30; Br. B. Kucera will first survey all directors to see when their classes start.
– Passport sales brought in $75.00.
– Received $50 for 10 miscellaneous youth members.
– Expenses on credit card include: $10.13 for mailing envelopes for class pyramid contest; $25.92 for postage; $780.00 postage for registration and upcoming February newsletter.
– At the meeting, discussed material for newsletters; next newsletter will be mailed this weekend. Toddler newsletter has Valentine’s day activities; Kids and Teens newsletters are similar with puzzles and activities.
– Next meeting should be during the first week of April.
– Have not yet heard from Sokol Corpus Christi, Sokol Yukon and Sokol Dallas.
– There seems to be a drop in numbers for Tots, however, New York has 133, but Br. Kucera has been unable to read their file; Ceska Sin has 82, but has not received a check, so these numbers have not been recorded.

2006 PRAGUE SLET – July 1-6, 2006
Performance Team (ASPT)
– Team is working out on Sunday nights; number is written.
– The “Adopt a Team Member” fundraiser is doing very well; about one-half of goal from this fundraiser has been met. Pyramid donation has just been publicized in the American Sokol publication. There is also an online art store and igive.com fundraiser.
On 2/25/06 and 3/4/06, ASPT members will be approaching local businesses in the Chicago area for donations.
– Br. T. Pajer prepared a tentative budget for ASPT and sent to Br. C. Kalat for review.
– Team will be applying for passports this Saturday at 10:00 in the Cicero Post Office.

Slet Participation Survey Results
– There are 42 women in the drum number; 40 men in men’s calisthenics, which is four more than there is room for; 55 women for senior calisthenics, one woman does not have a position, and 26 men; 215 people in the parade; and 50 extra people as spectators.

ASO Calisthenics Formations
– Br. C. Kalat put together charts for the senior cal and the men’s cal; Sis. B. Vondra put together a chart for the women’s cal. All formations are full. Br. Kalat will check by March 1, to reconfirm all who are traveling to Prague and that they have traveling arrangements and hotels.
– Sis. B. Vondra received a chart from Sis. Nada, which shows that we only have, outside of Sokol Greater Cleveland, 18 spots, but 23 women drilling. Br. Kalat e-mailed the chart and numbers to Br. Vrana on 2/1/06 and asked him to respond that he received them; has received no response; e-mailed him again over the weekend, but still no response.
– Br. Kalat is trying to get a response from Prague as to whether non-participants will be allowed to attend the gala.

– Received uniform information from the COS; the measurements for senior cal uniforms seem wrong, so order forms have not yet been distributed. The BOI has ordered one of each uniform part in each size to use as sample sizes.
– Uniforms will be ordered by Units. The ASO is not getting involved with orders.
Prague T-shirt (bid selection)
– Bids have been received from Creative Design for $5.50 if tax exempt, $5.90 if we have to pay tax, 50% down, deposit with order, no delivery date indicated; Calisto for $4.75, set-up charge would be an additional $.30, extra $1.00 for XXL, no mention of advance payment, delivery in 10 business days, minimum re-order of 24 shirts; CL Activewear, $5.50, require 50% upfront, bid was 4-6 weeks delivery.

MOTION made by Sis. M. Fiordelis to order t-shirts from Calisto, seconded by Br. B. Kucera and passed.
MOTION made by Sis. B. Kucera to charge $10 per shirt, seconded by Sis. N. Pajeau and passed.
– Sis. P. Satek will put together an order form.

Other Information
– Br. P. Lebloch asked if ASO was going to supply flags for ASO members in Prague. Discussion tabled until next month.
– Senior 2 cal is the only cal that has words to be sung. There are no words to songs provided for drum number.

Dates and Site Selection Progress
– Br. R. Milan reported that the current Slet Committee consists of Bob Podrhasky, Larry Laznovsky, Jerry Milan and Rome Milan, including Chuck Kalat and Barb Vondra. Br. R. Milan asked permission to set the Slet date for July 7-12, 2009. The Downtown Ft. Worth Convention Center is booked for June, 2009 and during all of July, 2009 and continuing for six weeks, Jehovah Witness booked the Center. Sokol was granted the use of the week of July 7-12, 2009.
– At the Omni Convention Center Hotel, which has not been built as yet, 480 rooms have been blocked. The high number of rooms is due to the fact that the Slet will be run in conjunction with the Gymnastics Association of Texas, which has a large convention that brings about 2, 000 people to that convention. There is also a large Texas Czech insurance company (SPJST) that runs a huge youth activity day every year, which brings an attendance of about 2, 000 people. At the same time, the USA Group Gymnastics Championship would be hosted; this event has been growing year-by-year. Sokol would also be hosting a National Archery Tournament at the same time which should bring in 500 to 1, 000 people. These entities would run their own events, we would just be providing the facility for them. We would also have an opportunity to run a 10K or 5K event prior to competitions in downtown Ft. Worth.
– The dates chosen of July 7-12, 2009, is Tuesday through Sunday, with a Saturday evening outdoor Slet.
– Rooms at the Omni Convention Center Hotel would be $130 a night. There are other hotels that would cost about $69 to $89 a night. There is also another hotel for $105 a night.
MOTION made by Br. H. Wise to accept the dates of Tuesday, July 7 through Sunday, July 12, 2009, for the 2009 ASO Slet in Ft. Worth, Texas, seconded by Sis. M. Fiordelis and passed.

– No report. No activity has taken place. Meeting is being planned for the near future.

Website Administration
– Sis. B. Vondra announced ASO has a new web site administration. Presently, attempts are being made to switch over. We are no longer with Earthlink.
– Sis. K. Pajer was advised to use her @AMERICAN-SOKOL.ORG e-mail address for publishing in the Sokol Gymnast section of the magazine. Br. Kalat will let Sis. Hruby know that the e-mail account for Kandi Pajer needs to be set up as in the past.
2006 National Instructors School- July 17-31, 2006
– Announcement will appear in the next issue of the Gymnast; appeared in the Directors’ Newsletter.
2007 National Instructor School Bid
– Received two bids; one from the Northeastern District to be hosted at Sokol Greater Cleveland and one from the Western District to be hosted at Sokol South Omaha. Dates are July 16-30, 2007. Since then, Br. B. Benak has withdrawn the Western District bid.
MOTION made by Sis. J. Kalat to accept the Northeastern District’s bid to host the School at Sokol Greater Cleveland, seconded by Sis. M. Fiordelis and passed.
2006 National Sokol Camp – July 31 to August 6, 2006
– Sis. J. Kalat reported that the camp mailing went out this week to all the children who are ages 12 to 17. Staff applications were also sent to former staff members. The usual $75 coupon will be available for ASO campers. Camp costs $300 and will be held at Sokol St. Louis camp.
2006 Summer Traveling Camps
– Notice of the Summer Traveling Camp program was run in the Director’s Newsletter. To date, only the Central District has expressed an interest for the summer of 2006 and has provided two different possible weekends.
2006-2007 Merit Award
– No new requests have come in this month.

“Links” Project
– The Links project web site has been sent for publication to the American Sokol Directors’ Newsletter. The link is american-sokol.org/link. Since the web site is being reorganized, several links have not been posted on the site as yet. Br. Pajer will provide a list of those links to Br. C. Kalat.

Strategic Planning Committee Plans
– The committee representatives are Maryann Fiordelis, Barb Vondra, Larry Laznovsky, Tom Pajer, Mary Steinman, Lori Laznovsky and Jerry Milan. The committee is looking at core programs: membership, marketing, finances, board development and organization development. It’s a 10-year plan.

2006 Directors’ Conference – October 21-22, 2006
– Will be held in the New York area on a Saturday and Sunday. This will be just a District Director meeting; no workshop.

New Unit Directors
– Sokol New York women’s director is Donna Sbriglia and Sokol West’s men’s director is Mary Beth Dulock.

– American Sokol February publication includes merit award request. Article about Frank Michalek, honorary National Director was also in that issue.

– Action list was reviewed; an updated copy will be distributed.

No meeting in March, 2006. The next ASO-BOI meeting will be held at the American Sokol office at 122 West 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL, on Wednesday, April 12, 2006, at 7:30 p.m. There was no further business to discuss.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly R. Domzalski, Secretary