Minutes of 4/11/07 Meeting

This meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. by Sis. N. Pajeau at American Sokol Office in Oak Brook, Illinois. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. The following BOI members were present: John Bazata, Lynda Bazata, Christina Curran, Bev Domzalski, Maryann Fiordelis, Allison Gerber, Chuck Kalat, Jan Kalat, Barb Kucera, Bob Kucera, Juanita LoGiudice, Nancy Pajeau, Kandi Pajer, Tom Pajer, Irena Polashek, Barb Vondra, Howie Wise and Jane Wise. Barb Vondra and Patti Vondra were excused.

– Happy Belated Birthday!: Allison Gerber 3/11, Jan Kalat 3/15, Beth Kocek 3/21, Matt Kocek 3/30.
– Happy Birthday!: Frank Michalek 4/20, Chuck Kalat 4/21.
– Congratulations to Tom, Kandi & Max Pajer; new baby girl, Scarlet Agnes, born 3/8/07 at 10:47 p.m., weighing 2 lbs., 1oz.
– Congratulations to Aunt Lori Laznovsky on a new baby niece, Olivia Grace Vyers, born 3/15/07, weighing 4 lbs., 4 oz.
– Keeping Eva Balas in our thoughts & prayers: she has her up & down days.
– Speedy Recovery for Bud Benak.

– Minutes of the February 14, 2007, meeting were reviewed.
MOTION made by Br. T. Pajer to approve the minutes of the February 14, 2007, American Sokol – BOI Meeting, seconded by Br. B. Kucera and passed.

Chuck Kalat, Camp Promo envelopes, $76.64.
Chuck Kalat, Camp Promo postage, $226.80 (credit card).
Chuck Kalat, Camp Promo material duplication, $426.23 (credit card).
MOTION made by Br. T. Pajer to approve bills, seconded by Br. B. Kucera and passed.

Mail Sent:
– American Sokol Special Number Video to Sokol Tabor, Sokol Stickney.
– 6 Merit Award Applications; total sent: 7 Central, 2 Eastern, 1 Western.
– Card to Bud Benak and one to Sandy Benak.

Mail Received:
– Chuck Kalat, 2005 BOI Slet Report Book.
– Repayment of Grey Weyers Merit Award, payment #6, $50.00.
– Sokol Magazine, Feb & Mar 2007.
– March & April Director’s Newsletters.
– February American Sokol Publication.
– Sokol Toronto Annual Report; Susan Santiago & Jim Hale, new Physical Directors.
– Hodges Badge Co., 2007 Catalog; Tots skills ribbon advertised.
– Patti Komara, packet of Specials.
– Crown Trophy 2007 Catalog, Brookfield, IL www.crowntrophy.com.
– Hasty Awards Catalog.
– University of Michigan Gymnastics Camp: www.umgym.com/facilities/camp.
– University of Illinois Gymnastics Camp: www.fightingillini.com “Camps & Clinics.”

E-mails received:
– Chuck Kalat, Guidelines for the use of the ASPT Fund.
– Mary Cushing, new address as of April 15, 2007, 42627 Savoy Ct., Northville, MI 48167.
– Cynthia Duff is no longer director at Sokol Corpus Christi.
– USA Gymnastics Tyson Fitness Challenge: www.usa-gymnastics.org/tysonfitnesschallenge.
– Vladimir Dostal, Slovenian Slet, May 19, 2007.

E-mails sent:
– Contact with Chris Puskar, Director of the Polish Falcons, www.polishfalcons.org; will be at Sokol USA Slet.

– There is a total of 2, 052 registered youth members as of 2/13/07.
– Awaiting payment from Sokol New York of $10.00 and Sokol LosAngeles of $10.00.
– Sis. M. Fiordelis expedited youth registration issues with Sokol Little Ferry; they have now registered 40 new youth members.
– Sokol Yukon submitted a check for $25.00 and turned in five youth names, but no other information. Br. Bob Podhrasky will speak with Sokol Yukon and have them fill out the necessary forms.

Youth Committee Income:
– Passport sales, $4.00.
– Youth membership dues, $125.00.
Total income, $129.00.
Youth Committee Expenses:
– Copying and folding of February newsletter, $666.75.
– Postage for February newsletter, $819.00.

– Tots and Young Children, there is the hidden picture contest.
– Received 6 entries for youth camp essay contest; winners will be appearing shortly on the web site.
– Penpal material has gone out, along with the count the “P”s contest (deadline is 4/30/07).
– AS Youth News Yahoo! Group now has 12 members. The correct procedure on how to become a member of that group is in the Youth Newsletter.

– Br. C. Kalat noted that Sis. EllenJeanne Schnabl has a monthly mailing of educational information to all the District Educational Directors that she knows about. Sis. Schnabl sends Br. Kalat a packet of information and some is included in the Directors’ Newsletter.

– Three of the coordinators met with the Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF). Br. Howie and Sis. Jane Wise were not part of that meeting.
– New Wing has not had a recent meeting.
– Sis. J. LoGiudice spoke to Br. Ted Polashek who was looking for permission to hold a Winter Slet again. Sis. LoGiudice directed him to the New Wing Coordinators.

2007 SOKOL USA SOKOLFEST – June 28, to July 1, 2007
– Br. Kalat e-mailed Sis. M. Cushing this week about the t-shirt to wear for the ASO Special Number. Sis. Cushing was thinking of a two-color t-shirt, possibly red and white; but has no logo selected for the front of the shirt. Br. Kalat suggested Pat Satek be contacted, or if anyone has any ideas, they should present them soon.
– Sis. J. Wise received some information on bowling event; cost would be $20 to be in bowling competition. Golf would cost $65. Enrollment forms have not been received and no one has responded yet to questions about enrollment for these activities.
– Sis. J. LoGiudice noted the official entry forms, banquet reservation and ticket prices are out. Information is posted on web site, www.sokolusa.org; click on Slet Ad Box.
– Sis. Wise noted that nowhere on the entry forms does the participant have to sign their name or any kind of waiver.
– Discussed wearing navy blue shorts for the special number.

2007 NATIONAL INSTRUCTORS SCHOOL – July 16, to July 30, 2007
– Sis. Wise reported that currently they are waiting for forms to be returned.
– Sokol Toronto is sending two students to the school. Sokol Farrell is sending one student.
– Br. Kalat is working on a rules and policies document; he is currently in discussion with school board members regarding some of the issues included.

2007 NATIONAL SOKOL CAMP – July 30 to August 5, 2007
– Nothing has been reported by Sis. L. Laznovsky. She has received applications for staff and she is in the process of selecting staff at this time.
– The Spring National Camp Staff meeting has been postponed. Br. T. Pajer believes it is now scheduled for April 28-29, 2007; waiting on Br. P. Lattanzio’s commitment; it will be held in Chicago area. Those attending will be Lori Laznovsky, Tom Pajer, Peter Lattanzio, Matt Carlozzi, and Kevin Fitzpatrick. Maria Briedenbach is unable to make it. Sis. B. Vondra volunteered use of her house.
– There have been a few inquiries about camp, but no applications have been received.

President’s Challenge Program
– Br. T. Pajer reported that a few people are logging their activities.
– Discussed selecting an award program for this activity.
– It was noted that it is tedious having to log on every day.

Summer Traveling Camps
– Br. Pajer noted one camp is scheduled in the Central District; it will be held at Sokol Tabor on 6/15-17/07. Br. Pajer is currently waiting for paperwork from Sokol Tabor.
– Staff needs to get together to make sure they understand their goals and responsibilities; they need to discuss the curriculum so it will be different from last year. Br. Pajer will participate in this camp.
– Br. Kalat supplied Br. Pajer with a preliminary The Rules and Policies document for his review.
– Br. Kalat supplied The Rules and Policies document.
– No other unit or district has yet taken advantage of this camp for this upcoming summer.

Adult “Merit Award” Project
– Sis. N. Pajeau stated the committee is not responding very well.

2009 American Sokol Slet
Progress Report:
– Not much is new. The Slet may be moved one week later, ending on July 4.

Strategic Planning Committee Report
– Teams have been selected. Program Team has had its first meeting. Personnel team is lacking members.
– Held teleconference with New Wing members. Discussed getting help from 18-30 year olds. New Wing would like SPTF to be part of the New Wing’s next conference to talk about the plan on an age appropriate level.

Uniform Situation
– Sis. Hruby is having trouble contacting CL Activewear. Br. G. Masek is going to contact CL Activewear to see what he can find out. There is a good possibility that Sokol may have to redesign its uniforms again. If anyone knows of a supplier, let Sis. Hruby know.
– At this time, there are no Boys red shirts (youth medium), Boys shorts (youth small and medium) and Girls red leotards (youth small and medium). Women’s uniforms are becoming limited.

– Directors’ Conference and BOI Development Conference will take place in the Ft. Worth area in October 19-21, 2007. It is still in negotiation whether it will be in the downtown area in order to view the Slet facilities, or if it will be held in the suburbs of Ft. Worth. There will be a distribution coming soon requesting everyone to recommend topics to be covered during the conference.

American Council on Exercise: www.acefitness.org.
PE-NEWS: www.pelinks4u.org, February 2007
PE4life: www.pe4life.org.
The Presidents Challenge: Fitness is Fun Newsletter: www.presidentschallenge.org.
The Dumpling Newsletter: www.thedumplingnews.com.
Health & Fitness: www.exercise.about.com.
USA Gymnastics Fitness: www.usa-gymnastics.org/fitness
President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports e-newsletter: www.fitness.gov/enewsletter/Winter07-execdir-main.htm
Fifty Plus Lifelong Fitness: www.50plus.org, “Dare to be fit” and Fitness Ambassadors
American Society on Ageing & Center for Disease Control: www.asaging.org/cdc
Sign up for newsletters: www.talk.about.com
TEN.O: www.ten-o.com, Valentine specials.
Tiffin Mats: www.TiffinMats.com, monthly specials.
Many links on www.czechheritage.org.
Gymnastic Training tips: www.gymnasticstrainingtips.com. Links and Resources.

– Action list was reviewed; an updated copy is posted on the BOI members web site.

The next regular ASO-BOI meeting will be held at the American Sokol office at 122 West 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL, on Wednesday, May 9, 2007, at 7:30 p.m. There was no further business to discuss.

MOTION made by Sis. B. Kucera to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly R. Domzalski, Secretary