Minutes of 5/10/06 Meeting

This meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. by Sis. B. Vondra at American Sokol Office in Oak Brook, Illinois. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. The following BOI members were present: John Bazata, Lynn Conrad, Christina Curran, Bev Domzalski, Mary Ann Fiordelis, Chuck Kalat, Jan Kalat, Matt Kocek, Bob Kucera, Barb Kucera, Juanita LoGiudice, Nancy Pajeau, Kandi Pajer, Tom Pajer, Irena Polashek, Barb Vondra, and Howie Wise. Patti Vondra, Lynda Bazata, Paul Lebloch and Beth Kocek were excused.

– Birthday greetings: Paul Lebloch, Jane Wise, John Bazata and Sandy Benak.
– Expressed sympathy to Br. J. Milan; his sister, Jeannie, passed away.

– Minutes of the April 12, 2006, meeting were reviewed.
MOTION made by Br. B. Kucera to approve the minutes of the April 12, 2006, American Sokol – BOI Meeting, seconded by Br. T. Pajer and passed.

– Callisto, Prague t-shirts, $1, 921.06.
– Jane Wise, postage for mailing case of gymnastic manuals from Cleveland to Omaha, $17.39.
MOTION made by Br. T. Pajer to approve bills, seconded by Sis. N. Pajeau and passed.

Mail Sent:
– Sympathy card to Jerry Milan and family.
– Letter reminding 2005-2006 Merit Award winners to send in transcripts.
– Letter about Merit Award requests.

Mail Received:
– April/May publication with many BOI articles.
– Chuck Kalat, May, 2006, Directors’ Newsletter.
– Patti Komara, packet of specials.
– 2006 Wolverine Sports, Gymnastics and Dance catalog.

E-mails received:
– Beth Kocek, new e-mail address as of 5/1/06, potranca80@yahoo.com.
– Melissa Dunlap, new website, www.SokolFw.org.
– Jan Kalat, updated Action List, Tom posted on web site.
– Bev Domzalski: 4/12/06 American Sokol BOI minutes; Tom posted on web site.
– Lynda Filipello, changed name to Sokol Naperville Tyrs.
– Sonja Nakonecznyj, Ceska Sin’s web site, www.geocities.com/sokolceskasin.
– Tibor Bartalos, Sokol Washington DC Whitewater Teasing, May 13, 2006.
– American Council on Exercise: April, 2006, Newsletters: www.acefitness.org.
– PE‑NEWS: April PE Newsletters: www.pelinks4u.org.
– PE4life: DuPage County Institute in Naperville IL: www.pe4life.org.
– The Presidents Challenge: April newsletters: www.presidentschallenge.org.
– The Dumpling Newsletter, www.thedumplingnews.com.

E-mails sent:
– BOI web site posting of action list and minutes.
– BOI and subscribers, PE Monthly Newsletters.

– Currently, 1, 790 registered youth members. Waiting on the registration fee for 7 youth members from Sokol Corpus Christi. Three units are reporting no youth members: Sokol Yukon, Sokol Ziska and Sokol Washington.
– Income: $5.00 for passport sales; $10.00 for delinquent dues from Sokol Ft. Worth; $5.00 from Sokol Los Angeles for a new youth member.
– Expenses: $221.70 for copying and folding of May Newsletter; $51.32 for Pyramid prize mailing; $3.23 for gumballs; $702.00 for stamps for the May Newsletter (all paid with the credit card). Due Kandi Pajer for scrapbook project: $114.10 for stamps; $20.00 for additional pages; and $81.40 for envelopes.
– Current activities: May Newsletter has been mailed and should be posted shortly. Received 29 replies to the penpal contest. There is a camp and course sticker design contest in the newsletter. Scrapbook material has been sent out.
– Sent current youth member listing to Tom Pajer.

2006 PRAGUE SLET – July 1-6, 2006
Performance Team (ASPT)
– Br. T. Pajer received confirmation about stage performance criteria. Team is putting together a performance that will be test-performed at the Central District Sokol Day; will be 10-15 minutes long.
– Travel arrangements were slightly changed due to some issues with Delta Airlines and Czech Airlines out of New York. This change is going to cost ASPT $120 more per ticket and will be arriving one-half day later and will be returning 2 hours earlier.
– Most of the money for the ASPT has been raised; the only money not raised right now is money that is going to cover the expenses of some of the fundraisers, i.e. DVDs and t-shirts.
– Currently, DVD sales are in progress and the Prague celebration dinner on 6/23/06. Dinner costs $15.00 per person for a catered pork dinner, entertainment, door prize, raffles and art auction.
– CL Activewear never did provide slippers that were requested. The gym shoes they did send were the wrong size and were not solid white. Br. Pajer has not received a response from CL Activewear in the past two months.
ASO Calisthenics Formations
– There are still two holes in the men’s formation of 36. There are five holes in the women’s group of 18. There are eight holes in Senior II group of 72. These are the formations that have been sent to the COS.

– Sample uniforms for the Senior II calisthenics from COS have never arrived.

Prague T-shirt Orders
– There were 346 t-shirts ordered; 41 are extra t-shirts. T-shirts will be shipped on May 16, 2006.

Rehearsal and Program Schedules Received
– Some additions and changes have come in; they have been passed on to the units.
– Br. C. Kalat will get hand-held flags from distributor. Flags are 4″x6″ polyester. Flags will be distributed at the beginning of the parade. Cost is $3 per dozen. About 400 flags have been ordered.
– Michael Dropka has volunteered on behalf of ASO to take the American Flag and American Sokol Flag to Europe with the telescopic poles.
– A meeting was held with Paul Lebloch, Tom Pajer, Barb Vondra, Chuck Kalat and Larry Laznovsky and it was decided the Performance Team will do some moving activities during the parade.

Other Information
– Not only individuals with participant passes, but also guests will have free access to the Gala performances.
– 850 pins have been ordered; pins should be available in early June.
– Br. H. Wise will inquire if there will be any relay races at the Slet.
– The COS web sites are www.sokol-cos.cz or www.sokolskyslet.cz.

– No report at this time. Attempting to schedule a meeting time and date.
– Since the New Wing is actually a part of the BOI, the New Wing asked what role/activities the BOI sees for them. The BOI would like to see the New Wing group get involved in more young adult events.
– A suggestion was made that a mentor or transition program is needed for kids coming out of juniors and going to college and entering senior classes. Perhaps the New Wing can work on such a program.

Post Prague Slet American Sokol Performance Team
– About two weeks ago, Br. L. Laznovsky contacted Br. T. Pajer asking if the ASPT would perform on October 8, 2006, in Texas for a Southern District event. Br. Pajer does not want to continue with team after the Prague trip, but he did talk to the ASPT members. About half of the team would be willing to proceed; that would only be five people. If the ASPT would continue, the Team needs someone to lead the team and auditions would have to be held.
– Br. H. Wise noted that Sokol Greater Cleveland has the High Voltage Team and that other units/districts ought to create their own performance teams, so no one would have to depend on the American Sokol Performance Team to go from year-to-year doing performances. Sokol Greater Cleveland’s Team is now holding stunt clinics and classes to teach more people skills in order to move up and onto the team in the future. Br. Wise suggested the New Wing may be able to pass this information on to other units and districts.
– It was noted that in order for the BOI to maintain such a team, fundraising would have to continue also. Local unit or district teams would be more feasible.
2006 National Instructors School- July 17-31, 2006
– No report at this time. Application deadline is June 1, 2006.
– Currently checking transportation possibilities from Instructors School in Omaha to National Camp in St. Louis.
2006 National Sokol Camp – July 31 to August 6, 2006
– There are 36 campers registered: 25 from Central District, 1 from Southern District, 9 from Northeastern District and 1 from DA. One more is in the mail and two others a possibility.
– The staff has been selected. Not all have been notified, so names were not announced. Br. P. Lattanzio will notify everyone by phone.
– Central District suggested that it would be beneficial for a camper to get a signature from a director then the units would have better knowledge as to who is going.
– 300 to 400 applications were initially sent out and more than half received were not from those sent out. The applications were probably downloaded from the web site.

2006 Summer Traveling Camps
– Central District is still the only camp scheduled. It will be held on June 16-18 at Sokol Spirit. Forms have gone out to the Central District gyms.; deadline is 5/24/06. If there is a minimum of 25, the camp will go on. Kevin Fitzpatrick, Stacey Domzalski, Matt Petkus and Kaitlin Short will be the camp staff. Kevin will act as head of camp; but, all four are jointly responsible for entire camp.
– Sokol Cedar Rapids has inquired if the Central District camp would be open to outside people. Central District directors were asked to contact Allison Gerber to discuss possibility.

2006-2007 Merit Award
– There have been 10 requests; 5 from Central District, 1 from Northeast District and 2 from Southern District and 2 from Western District. Deadline for request is May 1, 2006. Received completed applications as follows: 3 from Central District and one partially completed from Central District. No other Districts have submitted completed applications. Sis. J. LoGiudice will send out reminders to unit directors and district directors to follow-up.

Strategic Planning Committee Plans
– The committee met last weekend in Ft. Worth, TX, for its second face-to-face meeting. Accomplishments were cleaning up strategic imperatives, worked on an implementation plan, a presentation to the executive board and the final strategic plan. Discussed a meeting with the Board of Governors and Unit Presidents; time to be determined.
New Uniform Committee
– No report. Sis. J. LoGiudice did receive in the office a written report of meeting discussed at the last BOI meeting.

Adult Merit Award
– Sis. N. Pajeau spoke to Carrie Baker, member of this committee. Proposals will be discussed with the rest of the committee, whose members are Nancy Pajeau, Carrie Baker, Rome Milan, Mary Cushing and Lori Laznovsky. This committee was formed at the time of the convention. This committee is to come up with an awards program for instructors, which would result in payment of registration fees for a national congress or other instructional events.
2006 USA Gymnastics National Congress, Minneapolis, MN (August 17-19, 2006)
– National Congress and Trade Show will be held August 16-19, 2006, in St. Paul, MN and 2006 Visa Championships; cost is $235 early bird; www.usa-gymnastics.org/events/2006/congress.
– Br. C. Kalat, Sis. J. Kalat, Br. H. Wise and Sis. J. Wise are planning on attending.

– Ordered and received two Patti Komara videos and workbooks: #141, How to Spot Preschool and Beginner Gymnastics (2000) and #147, Parachute Fun.
– Sis. B. Vondra signed ASO up for USAG Gymnastics Fitness Challenge 2006; 8-session fitness program for ages 6-14; June 12 to August 5, 2006; www.usa-gymnastics.org/fitnesschallenge.
– There are still some 2005 Sunburst special number t-shirts available for purchase.
– American Sokol presented the Czech President with an oil painting by Rome Milan.
– Team USA Women vs. Poland Volleyball Tournament will be held at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL on 5/26/06; www.usavolleyball.org.
– District Directors Conference meeting is scheduled for October 20-22, 2006, in New York. May possibly arrive a few days earlier to do some touring; let Sis. J. LoGiudice know if you are interested.
– Sis. B. Vondra, Sis. J. LoGiudice and Sis. I. Polashek traveled to Cedar Rapids for the Western District Slet. The Slet was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; competitions were held on Saturday, awards on Saturday night, Slet rehearsal on Sunday morning and Slet performance on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. which ended before 2:00 p.m. At the awards ceremony, all children were acknowledged and awarded with a calligraphy certificate for participation, the top 10 received medals or trophies. A DJ played after the awards were given.

– Action list was reviewed; an updated copy is posted on the members web site.

– At this time, Br. T. Pajer showed those present in the office the DVD prepared as a Sokol Slet promotional DVD. This DVD is just a draft; changes can still be made.

The next ASO-BOI meeting will be held at the American Sokol office at 122 West 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL, on Wednesday, June 14, 2006, at 7:30 p.m. There was no further business to discuss.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly R. Domzalski, Secretary