Minutes of 5/9/07 Meeting

This meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. by Sis. B. Vondra at American Sokol Office in Oak Brook, Illinois. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. The following BOI members were present: John Bazata, Lynda Bazata, Christina Curran, Bev Domzalski, Allison Gerber, Chuck Kalat, Jan Kalat, Barb Kucera, Bob Kucera, Juanita LoGiudice, Nancy Pajeau, Kandi Pajer, Tom Pajer, Irena Polashek, Barb Vondra, Howie Wise and Jane Wise. Mary Ann Fiordelis and Patti Vondra were excused.

– Happy Belated Birthday!: Lynn Conrad 5/1.
– Happy Birthday!: Paul Lebloch 5/13, Jane Wise 5/28.
– Sympathy: Allison Gerber on the loss of her father.

– Minutes of the April 11, 2007, meeting were reviewed.
MOTION made by Br. T. Pajer to approve the minutes of the April 11, 2007, American Sokol – BOI Meeting, seconded by Br. B. Kucera and passed.

– Juanita LoGiudice, video tapes, storage containers, envelopes, postage, $65.95.
MOTION made by Sis. N. Pajeau to approve bill, seconded by Sis. B. Kucera and passed.

Mail Sent:
– Transcript Reminders to six 2006-2007 Merit Award Recipients.
– Central District Merit Award Request.
– Skills Ribbon Order to Christina Curran.

Mail Received:
– Repayment of Appa Hargiss Merit Award: $500.00.
– COS Sokol Magazine: April 2007.
– March American Sokol Publication.
– Central District Sokol competitive G.I.J.O. Gymnastics Team flier
Stacey Domzalski (Sokol Chicagoland) 630-881-7109
– Info Packet: Chicago Park District 2007 Beach Meet July 21 & 22, 2007
Lake Shore Dr and E. Hayes Dr. (63rd St).
– Brochure: 47th International Sportsfestival – Gran Canaria Spain (IGF 50 +)
11/24-12/2/2007 www.gymmedia.com/Blume-Festival.
– Brochure: IGI Chicago Style Gymnastics Camp -Westmont IL
7/8-7/12 and 7/15/7/19 630-325-3333.
– Technique USA Gymnastics Magazine, April 2007.
– Gymnastics University New Course Offerings:
Preschool Fundamentals Course, replace KAT & MELPD programs;
First Aid Basics Course, www.usa-gymnastics.org.
– 2007 National Congress, Aug 16-18, 2007 San Jose, CA.
– 13th World Gymnaestrada in Austria July 8-14, 2007
– Regional Congresses:

E-mails received:
– Sokol DA Women’s Director, Jessica Bardy- Sushifatty@nyu.edu.
– Sokol St Louis website: www.Sokol-StL.org.
– Mary & Allen Cushing: New home & email address:
42627 Savoy Ct, Northville MI 48167 248-924-2598
Allen: Acush47@comcast.com Mary: marycsokol@comcast.com.
– Action List & Minutes Posted on website:

E-mails sent:
– American Turners: www.americanturners.com Louisville, KY.
– National Festival June 26-July 1st Feeding Hills, MA.
– Northwest Chicago American Turners: www.northwestturners.org Schiller Park IL.

– Written report attached and posted at www.american-sokol.org/boi/members.
– Sokol Youth Webpage has been updated: www.american-sokol.org/boi/sokolkids.

– Br. C. Kalat noted that Sis. EllenJeanne Schnabl has a monthly mailing of educational information to all the District Educational Directors that she knows about. Sis. Schnabl sends Br. Kalat a packet of information and some information is included in the Directors’ Newsletter. Sis. Schnabl sent no report for this meeting.

– No report.

2007 SOKOL USA SOKOLFEST – June 28, to July 1, 2007
– Special number t-shirts and blue regulation uniform shorts or plain navy blue shorts; plain white socks; and plain white gym shoes will be worn for the special number.
– Official Information is posted on Sokol USA website: www.sokolusa.org. Click on Slet ad box.
– Golf and bowling forms are available.
– American Sokol Special Number t-Shirts are $7 each; order deadline May 15, 2007.
Aerobic Part: Red w/white lettering.
Non-Aerobic Part: White w/red lettering.

2007 NATIONAL INSTRUCTORS SCHOOL – July 16, to July 30, 2007
– Sis. J. Wise reported that 33 directors were sent e-mails requesting numbers of interested people attending the school; only seven responses have been received to date.

2007 NATIONAL SOKOL CAMP – July 30 to August 5, 2007
– Staff Selection for 2007 Camp: Lori Laznovsky, Peter Lattanzio, Tom Pajer, Steve Wise, Maria Briedenbach, Matt Carlozzi, Kevin Fitzpatrick. Counselors: Kenny Fron, Ryan Newcomer.
– Staff Meeting took place April 28-29 in Chicago; Attendees: Lori, Tom, Peter, Kevin, Matt.
– We spent a large portion of our first day brainstorming new and different ideas. We were able to determine the format for this year’s camp and then start to work out the many details. We will include lots of new stuff in this year’s schedule with a format to bring continuity to the camp program. The “idea” that we are working on will remain a secret as to not ruin it for the campers. Campers will be contacted prior to coming to camp to give them clues as to the format of the camp. As soon as they arrive in New York, they will living the camp experience.
– Of course, we also determined the “must have” list of activities that we know are a staple of the program. There is still a lot of work to be done to prepare for the camp. The staff will be meeting regularly and each staff member will be responsible for home work.
– Logistics of the schedule and travel back and forth from New York were worked out. We were also able to determine our schedule and format for our visit to New York City.
– This type of face-to-face meeting provides an opportunity to bring cohesiveness to the camp program. With such a great staff we have been able to provide a wonderful program over the last several years, but this type of preparation allows us to elevate this important program to a new level.
– New and exciting activities are planned; will be kept secret until camp.

Summer Traveling Camps
– Br. Pajer reported that several units in Central District are sending campers to the Central District camp which will be held at Sokol Tabor on 6/15-17/07. Deadline for registration is June 1, 2007.
– Br. Pajer will be meeting with staff in near future to plan camp. Br. Pajer will participate in this camp. Other staff members will be Kaitlin Short, Stacey Domzalski, Maria Briedenbach and Kevin Fitzpatrick. Some changes will be made with camp program.

2009 American Sokol Slet
– No new progress to report.
Strategic Planning Committee Report
– Sis. M. Fiordelis was not present at this meeting; no report. Double-sided one page newsletter was sent out to all members.
– A web survey will be going out from the program committee. Br. Pajer urged everyone to help distribute the link to the survey to both Sokol members and non-Sokol members; due date is June 15, 2007.

2007 Directors Conference and BOI Development Conference – October 19-21, 2007, Ft. Worth, Texas
– School Board meeting will also take place at this time.

Uniform Situation
– Br. G. Masek contacted Claude at CL Activewear. Claude promised a delivery in three weeks; Br. Masek talked to Claude on 4/17/07. Nothing has come in to date. Br. Masek will be contacting him again.

– Central District members will perform during Prague Days in Chicago; they are working with the Sister Cities group.
– Merit Award Committee will be meeting soon. Out of eight applications, one is complete and two are semi-completed. Sis. B. Kucera is coordinating this meeting.
– Both John and Lynda Bazata announced that they will be stepping down as BOI directors for Central District; however, they are still welcome to serve as staff members on the National BOI.
– Sis. I. Polashek noted that Sokol Tabor hosted the Polish Falcons at their gym for volleyball and basketball; all went well.
– May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
– Visionwalk: June 10, 2007 Soldier Field Sokol Team www.visionwalk.org, donations go to Fighting Blindness organization. Sis. Polashek is organizing a group to walk.
– Postage rates changing May 14, 2007: Letter $.41 (up to 1/4” thick); Flat $.80 (up to 3/4” thick) and Package $1.13 (1 oz); $.17 additional oz.
– Sokol New York is celebrating 140th Anniversary on Saturday, October 13, 2007.

American Council on Exercise: www.acefitness.org.
PE-NEWS: www.pelinks4u.org, February 2007
PE4life: www.pe4life.org.
The Presidents Challenge: Fitness is Fun Newsletter: www.presidentschallenge.org.
The Dumpling Newsletter: www.thedumplingnews.com.
Health & Fitness: www.exercise.about.com.
USA Gymnastics Fitness: www.usa-gymnastics.org/fitness
President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports e-newsletter: www.fitness.gov/enewsletter/Winter07-execdir-main.htm
Fifty Plus Lifelong Fitness: www.50plus.org, “Dare to be fit” and Fitness Ambassadors
American Society on Ageing & Center for Disease Control: www.asaging.org/cdc
Sign up for newsletters: www.talk.about.com
TEN.O: www.ten-o.com, Valentine specials.
Tiffin Mats: www.TiffinMats.com, monthly specials.
Many links on www.czechheritage.org.
Gymnastic Training tips: www.gymnasticstrainingtips.com. Links and Resources.

– Action list was reviewed; an updated copy is posted on the BOI members web site.

The next regular ASO-BOI meeting will be held at the American Sokol office at 122 West 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL, on Wednesday, June 13, 2007, at 7:30 p.m. There was no further business to discuss.

MOTION made to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly R. Domzalski, Secretary