Minutes of May 13, 2009 Meeting

This meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. by Br. C. Kalat and Sis. B. Vondra at the American Sokol Office in Brookfield, Illinois and via teleconference. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. The following BOI members were present: Christina Curran-Wurst, Bev Domzalski, Maryann Fiordelis, Allison Gerber, Chuck Kalat, Jan Kalat, Barb Kucera, Bob Kucera, Juanita LoGiudice, Frank Michalek, Nancy Pajeau, Kandi Pajer, Tom Pajer, Teddy Polashek, Irena Polashek, Donna Sbriglia, Barb Vondra, Howie Wise and Jane Wise. Excused: Patti Vondra.

– Happy Birthday: Paul Lebloch, 5/13; Jane Wise 5/28.

– Minutes of the April 8, 2009, meeting were reviewed.
MOTION made by Br. T. Pajer to approve the minutes of the April 8, 2009, American Sokol BOI meeting, seconded by Br. B. Kucera and passed.

– Chuck Kalat (ASO Credit Card), 2009 USA Gymnastics National Coaches Congress, Dallas, Texas, August 13-15, 2009, $199.00.
– Jane Wise, WSF postage and supplies, $826.68 (participation pins, $462.10; achievement awards, $310.02; copies, $9.70; and postage, $44.68).
– Tom Pajer, shipping of WSF Show Program DVD to Prague, $27.95.
MOTION made by Sis. B. Kucera to approve bills, seconded by Sis. N. Pajeau and passed.

Mail Sent:
– Transcript reminders to four last year Merit Award winners.
– Written notice to the nine Merit Award applicants requesting they send in an electronic copy of their essay and picture. Merit Award Application, one request this month; total: Ten requests total from Districts as follows: 3C, 2E, 3NE, 1S, 1W. Received two paper applications w/essay and picture and one electronic copy of essay w/picture.

Mail Received:
– COS 4/2009 Sokol Magazine.
– American Sokol Publication, March issue.
– Director’s Newsletter: May.
– Western District Competition Program Brochure and Results held at Sokol Cedar Rapids.
– Nancy Pajeau: more various Sokol audio tapes, VHS tapes and DVDs.
– Various newsletters: Sokol San Francisco has front page color picture of members practicing Senior II Cal.

E-mails sent:
– Minutes and Updated Action List Posted, www.american-sokol.org/boi/members.
– Correspondence Report for 5/13/09 meeting.

E-mails received:
– Chiefs of Sokol for Visegrad, Rs Srpska – Bosnia & Hercegovina: Questioning uniforms – forwarded.
– Prine Obed Ebhodaghe in Nigeria: Wants an invitation to attend the ISCF – forwarded.
– Jean Hruby: Acrobat Rock & Roll Jan Haupt and partner looking for facilities to host summer clinics in Central District.
– USA Gymnastics: Shawn Johnson – Dancing with the Stars tonight 8pm ET vote before or after.
– USA Gymnastics: National Congress Early Bird Discount May 29th, held in August in Dallas, TX.
– Order for Skills Ribbons from Christina Wurst/Sokol Tabor – filled and delivered.
– Sis. A. Gerber received correspondence from USAG announcing new compulsory music for Women Levels 1-6; available 6/1/09, $15.00. Gymnastics Day will be observed on September 12, 2009.

– Br. B. Kucera reviewed the attached Youth Committee Status Report dated May 13, 2009, Youth Membership Account Transactions and Current Youth Member Totals.

Plans and progress
– Designed and ordered medals.
– Selected design for the amazing fun walk t-shirts.
– Floor plans are ready for the apparatus and volleyball.
– 5K race will start and end at the Slet field. Start time is 6:45 and should end by 7:30. Chip in shoes will determine finish time when passing through arch. There are 100 awards. Awards will be presented on the side and recognized during the Slet performance.
– Talked about volunteers; many are needed.
– Worked on the Slet program; a tentative program has been set-up.
– Some problems are people doing multiple cals.
– Invitations went out to districts to submit a relay team and/or tug-of-war team; also, invited USAG and PAGU to participate.
– The program will include an assembly (some runners from 5K race may be coming in during beginning of program), only the American anthem will be played, the program will begin with the Children’s calisthenics, Tots, Senior II cal, relay heat/tug-of-war, folk dance, COS special number, Junior/Senior cal, relay/tug-of-war, announce relay recognitions, Adults cal, final tug-of-war/relay finals, Let Loose finale and fireworks.
– Entry forms have been coming in; received 5 or 6 units/organization entries so far.
– Contract has been signed for sport floors.
– Speith Andersen will set up apparatus/equipment.
– There is a woman in charge of getting volunteers from various places to assist where needed. The volunteers can assist with 5K run, the amazing walk (there will be 10-15 stations along walk), placing markers on the field and for the fitness challenge.
– Participating 5K Race runners will get one extra ticket to Slet performance.
– Bus transportation to Slet field is set.
– Prior to Slet program, the Dallas Czech Concert Orchestra will be doing a concert before 5K run begins until the start of the program itself.
– The stadium is about two miles from the Convention Center.
– The Ft. Worth School District will handle all concessions.
– There will be 1, 000 dot markers on Slet field.

Opening Ceremonies
– Special numbers have been selected for participation in opening ceremonies.
– Committee will get together again.
– If volunteers are needed, Br. Pajer should let Br. Kalat know.
– Br. Pajer will prepare a montage of any submittals of preparations to Slet from Units/Organizations and will be shown prior to opening ceremony. One submittal has been received.
Participant Card Applications
– There is a trickle of participant cards coming in. They are due Friday, May 15, 2009.
– There are a lot of spectator card requests.
– The Special Needs gymnastics people will have 700 people. USAG is sending 500 people and ASO will have 500-600 people.
– People who do not have a Sokol uniform or dress uniform should wear a plain white shirt and blue shorts/pants.
– (FAQ) link and on website www.american-sokol.org/boi, last update was posted on 4/12/09.
– GAT offering two free training session by Beth Gardner & Cheryl Jarrett.
– Golf, 20 rental sets $59 or $30, need advance reservations 10 days before.
– Participant Card holders need to know who will be coaches on floor.
– Revised Amazing Fun Walk and Let Loose Finale entry forms (missing AS T-shirt size) and it is posted on web site.
– Packet of Entry Forms were sent out and due May 15th to Chuck Kalat.
– Sr. Women’s Cal Correction, page 2, Fig. 1, Measure I-II, 1-8 Hold, facing rear – posted.
– Novice Routine Bar Correction – posted.
– Dr. Trina Lieske liaison with the Omni Hotel reservations.
– Jean Hruby: American Sokol t-shirt w/District name & 2009 ISCF and XXII Slet logo, $15, order by May 21st. Will ask Sis. Hruby about a t-shirt without a District name on it.
– Br. T. Polashek requested a copy of Omni Hotel contract to look over. ASO has a contract with Omni; USAG holds contract with the Sheraton.
– Ad information forms for Program Book, deadline May 1st. Send to PO Box 101117, Ft. Worth, TX 76185-1117. E-mailed Jerry Milan; still accepting forms and money right now.
– E-mailed Donna Sbriglia participant card information.
– Rome Milan e-mail report: 7-day bus passes secured, Ricoh Co. is supplying copier/collater/stapler for our use.

Slet Action List
– The Slet Action List was reviewed by Sis. J. Kalat; an updated copy is posted on the BOI members web site.

2009 NATIONAL SOKOL SUMMER CAMP – August 2-9, 2009 – DTJ Camp near Cleveland
– Br. T. Pajer met with the camp staff to discuss details.
– There are 25 campers registered; registration deadline is June 1, 2009. The limit for campers is 79. The campers are from the following Sokols: Spirit, 10; St. Louis, 5; Tabor, 3; Stickney, 2; Detroit, 1; and Greater Cleveland, 4. There is also one from Lodge 12, Central Jersey.

National Instructor School Staff Training
– Sis. M. Cushing was not present to give a report.
Traveling Camp
– Central District Traveling Summer Camp will be held at Sokol Spirit, June 12-14, 2009. Staff and schedule has been put together. A staff meeting will take place tomorrow night for brainstorming. Due date for registration is this weekend.
– New York Traveling Camp needs to select a different date, since it is difficult to get camp staff for the date originally chosen in July. Sis. D. Sbriglia will get back to Br. Pajer with an alternate weekend.

Weekend Instructor Schools
– Sis. A. Gerber reported that Western District is requesting a weekend instructor school for July 17-19, 2009. Sis. M. Cushing will contact her to work out the details.
Merit Award
– There was one more request this month from Central District; totals are from Districts as follows: 3NE, 3C, 2E, 1W, 1S.
– Sis. B. Kucera announced the committee will meet sometime during the first two weeks of June to make their selections.
Strategic Planning Committee Progress Report
– Sis. M. Fiordelis reported the Implementation Team has put together a survey regarding the instructors standards guidelines and it is going out to unit directors with a copy to district directors and unit presidents for their information
– The Organizational Development Team presented their charter to the Board of Governors and is still working out some issues.
– Sis. Fiordelis asked for commitment from the strategic planning task force team members because we are in a critical period.
2009 WSF Fitness Program
– Br. and Sis. Wise are finished with this program. Awards went out to the units.

2009 WSF Show Program
– There were 20 entries submitted; 19 entries from Central District and one from Sokol Greater Cleveland. The COS received our submission one week after the deadline, and acknowledged receipt.

Education Report
– Sis. E. Schnabl sent the following materials which Sis. LoGiudice reported: Pacific District Educational Report by Barbara Lundeen; an Article about the meaning behinf the playing of “Taps;” and the Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago has a statue by Albin Polashek call “Mother.”
– Br. T. Polashek donated an overhead projector to the American Sokol office.
– Br. Polashek noted that the Winter Slet will be planned for January 15-17, 2010. He will get a list of hotels for those attending and they can make their own bookings from that list. Preparations for the Winter Slet will continue after the Texas Slet.
– No bids have been received to date for Instructors School next year.
– Br. Polashek as 6th Ward Alderman in Berwyn, Illinois, he is finding out about large amounts of money available for not-for-profit organizations in the State of Illinois and will keep the American Sokol informed about what he learns.
– Unit representatives at Slet in Texas need to be aware that they will receive a packet with program books for all participants, all t-shirts, badges for spectators and participants; there will be a lot of stuff for that representative who will have to look through everything received and verify and sign-off upon receipt, before they leave the room where they will pick it up.

– American Council on Exercise: www.acefitness.org.
– PE-NEWS: Newsletter: www.pelinks4u.org.
– PE4life: www.pe4life.org.
– The Presidents Challenge: Fitness is Fun Newsletter: www.presidentschallenge.org.
– Health & Fitness: www.exercise.about.com.
– President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports: www.fitness.gov.
– Sign up for newsletters: www.talk.about.com
– Tiffin Mats: www.TiffinMats.com, monthly specials.
– Ten-o/GMR, www.ten-o.com or www.byGMR.com, monthly specials.
– DGS 9.9 www.gymsupply.com, 10% coupon online shopping 6/30/09, code: DGSMEETS.
– Gymnastic Training tips: www.gymnasticstrainingtips.com. Links and Resources.
– American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, www.aahperd.org.
– Information about Brain Fitness, www.brainconnection.com.
– Interesting games video article, www.skillastics.com.
– Improve fitness and nutrition habits, www.pejournal.com.

– Action list was reviewed; an updated copy is posted on the BOI members’ web site.

– The next regular ASO-BOI meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 10, 2009, at 7:30 p.m.

There was no further business to discuss.

MOTION made to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly R. Domzalski, Secretary