Minutes of October 8, 2008 Meeting

This meeting opened at 7:35 p.m. by Sis. B. Vondra at American Sokol Office in Brookfield, Illinois and via teleconference. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. The following BOI members were present: Bev Domzalski, Maryann Fiordelis (late), Allison Gerber (late), Chuck Kalat, Jan Kalat, Barb Kucera, Bob Kucera, Juanita LoGiudice, Kandi Pajer, Tom Pajer (late), Irena Polashek (late), Donna Sbriglia, Barb Vondra, Patti Vondra (late), Howie Wise, Jane Wise, Christina Curran-Wurst (late). Excused: Ted Polashek.

– Happy Belated Birthday: Tom Pajer, 10/1
– Happy Birthday: Buddy Benak, 10/10; Barb Vondra 10/28; Lori Laznovsky, 10/28; Bev Domzalski, 10/30.

– Minutes of the September 10, 2008, meeting were reviewed.
MOTION made by Br. B. Kucera to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2008, American Sokol BOI meeting, seconded by Sis. J. LoGiudice and passed.

– Hodges Badge Co., National Gymnastic Skills Ribbons 2008-2009, $379.85 (credit card).
– Lynette Gilbert, Slet materials, $306.43.
– Irena Polashek, envelopes for Slet mailing, $28.08.
– Juanita LoGiudice, postage for Slet mailing, $33.74; postage for WSF package, $47.50.
– American Sokol, Slet mailing postage from machine, $151.11.
– Chuck Kalat, housing for Sokol USA National Technical Staff meeting, Boonton, NJ on 9/6/08, $273.70.
MOTION made by Br. B. Kucera to approve bills, seconded by Sis. B. Kucera and passed.
– Slet bills will continue to be paid out of the office and there will be a reimbursement from the Slet fund after the Slet.

Mail Sent:
– Slet material mailing to American Sokol National, District and Unit Directors and the BOI; National Directors of COS, Sokol Canada, DA Sokol, Sokol USA; WSF and Sokol USA National Assistant Directors and Lodge Directors.

Mail Received:
– Package of Patti Komara special offers.
– COS August-September, 2008 Sokol Magazine.
– Director’s Newsletter: October.
– July-August American Sokol Publication.

E-mails sent:
– Minutes and updated Action List posted, www.american-sokol.org/boi/members

E-mails received:
– New T J Sokol Houston Director of Women: Melanie Davison (Sowa), 8922 Pebble Mesa, Houston TX 77088.
– New Sokol Chicagoland Men’s Director: Michael Michalek, 883 Spring Creek, Naperville, IL 60565, 630-904-2420.
– New e-mail for Mickey and Jolene Dalton: mjdalton5@windstream.net.
– Sokol Minnesota website: sokolmn@aol.com.
– Tina Valentine is the only Director of Sokol Omaha.
– Annie Prohaska is the only Women’s Director of Sokol Cedar Rapids.
– New Eastern District Men’s Director: William Kool, 748 McHenry St., Baltimore MD 21230.
– New Eastern District Women’s Director: Carrie Baker, 7532 Marks Ave, Baltimore MD 21236.

– Youth Committee Status Report dated October 8, 2008, is attached.
– Breakdown of expenses: TIDD Printing, $895.00.
MOTION made by Sis. B. Kucera to approve the Youth Membership Report and bills, which will be paid out of the office, not on the credit card, seconded by Sis. J. LoGiudice and passed.

– Slet manual has been sent out and everyone should have them. There are 3 pieces to the manual, the DVD, the CD of music and the CD manual. Sis. B. Vondra commended Tom Pajer and Lynette Gilbert for all the time and work put into the preparation of DVD and CDs.
– Br. C. Kalat attended the October 7, 2008, Slet Committee meeting. The major sponsorship sought was not granted to Sokol. Br. J. Milan has some other contacts that may come through yet. Other smaller sponsorships are also being pursued.
– The Slet continues to be a very large event. Sis. Laznovsky was in Europe last week. For the USA GFA section, there will be groups coming in from Great Britain, Canada, Astonia, South Africa and all the PAGU countries. A lot of Czech groups are coming.
– A folk dance package of DVD and CD needs to be created and sent out; there are two versions and one is easier than the other.
– The groups that are participating are USAG General Gymnastics with a team gym competition, a festival rhythmic competition, a general rhythmic competition, a GymFest (exhibition-only event), and an international competitive group event. The USAG acro has a regional competition which involves people from Louisiana and Texas. Special Olympics will be doing gymnastics and possibly another sporting event. A Czech insurance group in Texas will be having a regional youth day. And, of course, Sokol will be there.
– A professional parade organizer will be utilized and a professional pyrotechnics person has already been hired.
– The fee for the golf tournament will be $100; there will be celebrities there from the Texas area.
– A bowling facility is yet to be found; there are no bowling facilities in downtown Ft. Worth.
– Jean Hruby will handle the distribution of Slet seals from the office.
– The hotel is 100% booked, except for Thursday, Friday and Saturday bookings. The Sheraton Hotel has been opened up at $159 also; this hotel is on the other side of the Convention Center. National Travel, the USAG travel agency, is handling bookings at that hotel. The link for this hotel will be published in the Directors Newsletter.
– There are a number of situations where several rooms blocked under one name and it is hoped that these rooms will be released soon if there is no use for them. Sis. L. Laznovsky has a list of those people and will talk to them about releasing them if they are not going to be used.
– Before the conference, there will be work done on entry fees and ticket packages. The packages will have events combined on one ticket. A suggestion was made to offer family packages at a discount.
– There will be a large vendors’ area.
– Sis. L. Laznovsky and R. Milan will be giving a presentation at the Directors’ Development Conference.

– The schedule has been sent out; however, there was no break during the first session so that session will begin 15 minutes earlier.
– All authors are on board. If any presenters have handouts, get them to Br. Kalat by Saturday to make copies. There will be 50 copies of each event handout available.
– Handouts should also be provided to Br. Kalat, Sis. Vondra and Sis. LoGiudice.
– Clear portfolios will be ordered and shipped to Omaha. Marsha has provided red goody bags.
– Reports still missing are for the National Camp, Program Usage and the Pacific and Southern District Reports. Sis. L. Laznovsky needs to fill in some blanks on the Southern District Report and that one will be final. Lynn Miller is finalizing the Pacific District report. School Board will report on this year’s meeting. All completed reports are online.
– The agenda is not yet ready for the Directors’ Conference.
– There are about 125 people who will be attending including Presidents. There are groups and individuals coming from Cedar Rapids, Omaha, South Omaha, Crete, Minnesota, Spirit, Tabor, St. Louis, KHB, Yukon and Lodge 306; there are about 17 units represented. Greg Harris will be in attendance. Br. Kalat will check with Sokol USA to see if they will be attending.
– National BOI pictures for the Slet program book will be taken on Saturday; everyone should bring their Sokol uniforms.

– There is nothing new to report.

– Sis. LoGiudice received Sis. Schnabl’s Annual Educational Report and a monthly report, which included articles on washing hands often or use hand-sanitizer; for children, stay safe in cyberspace and protect against cyber bullying; and a list of good words on how to lead our life.

National Skills Month
– Br. T. Pajer had all cards printed and he has the ribbons; packages will be available at Directors’ Conference. Br. Pajer has a bill for expenses; amount will be reported next month.

MOTION made by Sis. J. Kalat to pay Br. Pajer, seconded by Sis. B. Kucera and passed.
2008-09 Future Sokol Leaders Expense Budget
– At the convention, the finance committee chose not to consider the Future Sokol Leaders budget. Br. Kalat has been annually getting it approved by the executive board each year. This year it is an $18, 000 budget broken down as follows: $6, 000 for merit awards; the instructor schools support was increased this year from $5, 000 to $7, 000; $1, 500 for this year’s school board meeting; $1, 500 for a school staff meeting; and $2, 000 for camp.
– There will be a budget track for the Director’s Conference.
Strategic Planning Committee Progress Report
– At the Development Conference, the implementation team will be there with Sis. M. Fiordelis to talk about getting started with four new programs. The instructor standards team will give a presentation on the new book. The volunteer management team is putting on final changes and enhancements to their book, as well as the finance team. These teams will be meeting with the Strategic Planning Task Force and the implementation team at a joint team meeting at the end of October or beginning of November. There are some new committee members for the implementation team. The only District still not represented on a committee is the Pacific District. At the conference, we will be asking for volunteers to start up two new teams: the communications team and the organizational structure team.
– Sis. M. Fiordelis is still working with the SPTF as a liaison between the SPTF and Greg Harris in an unpaid capacity; she is also part of the performance evaluation review for Greg. The 3-month review of Greg Harris will be presented at the BOG meeting.

– Sis. J. LoGiudice updated the resource list and program committee coordinators are posted.
– The Executive Board president cannot attend the convention in June, 2010, so now the convention has been moved up to April, 2010, in Omaha, NE.
– Sis. A. Gerber thanked Central District for the mats, Greg and Steve who brought in a load of office equipment and everyone else who has been thinking of Sokol Cedar Rapids. Sis. Gerber spoke to a loan officer today; a thorough inspection was done. Sokol Cedar Rapids is holding discussions about the new building. A Czech Republic representative may be down at the end of the month. Any money given will be earmarked for use on the old building. Members are fundraising in order to save money to attend Slet in Texas.

– American Council on Exercise: www.acefitness.org.
– PE-NEWS: Newsletter: www.pelinks4u.org.
– PE4life: www.pe4life.org.
– The Presidents Challenge: Fitness is Fun Newsletter: www.presidentschallenge.org.
– Health & Fitness: www.exercise.about.com.
– President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports: www.fitness.gov.
– Sign up for newsletters: www.talk.about.com
– Tiffin Mats: www.TiffinMats.com, monthly specials.
– Gymnastic Training tips: www.gymnasticstrainingtips.com. Links and Resources.

– Action list was reviewed; an updated copy is posted on the BOI members’ web site.
– The Slet Action List was reviewed and also posted.

– The next regular ASO-BOI meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 12, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. There was no further business to discuss.

MOTION made to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly R. Domzalski, Secretary