Patti Komara Instructional Videotape Descriptions

Patti Komara Instructional
Videotape Descriptions

Updated 06/2006


#102 – Office Procedures for a Gymnastic
School (1994)

An inside look at Patti’s office.  Topics include computers and software used,
fax machines, and phone systems, release forms, attendance books, teacher’s
books, and taking care of the customers at the desk.  A 19-page manual is included.

#103 – Creative Beginning and Ending
Activities for Kids Ages 3-7 (1994) –
1 hr 20

Here are some ideas for opening class to get students’ attention.  Ending activities are important so the kids
leave with a smile on their face.  A
16-page manual is included.

#104 – Games and Parachute II (1994) – 1 hr 6 min.

Brand new cooperative games and ideas for parachute games for
all ages.  A 12-page manual is included.

#105 – Preschool Gymnastic Set-ups (1989)

Many set-ups are shown for each piece of equipment…bars, beam,
vault, and endless stations for floor. 
Are you tired of the same old stations –the same old objectives for
those stations?  This tape is for
you.  We’ll show you how in this
comprehensive videotape.  Included is a
handout listing for each of the 142 stations that are explained.

#106 – Low Budget Equipment (1989)

Do you realize that you can make 40 different pieces of
equipment for under $10.00 each?  We’ll
show and include plans for some items.

#107 – New Cartwheel Teaching Ideas (1993) – 24 min.

This tape is less that 30 minutes, but you won’t believe how
many ways there are of teaching a cartwheel to a preschooler.

#108 – Teaching Tumbling to Preschoolers
– 1 hr 20 min.

Teaching tumbling to a preschooler is a challenge, but with
Patti’s hundreds of drills and spotting techniques, this tape will be of great
value to your staff.  A complete skill
list is included.

#109 – Bars, Beam, and Vault for
Preschoolers (1993) –
1 hr 40 min.

Patti goes through an entire skill sheet of over a hundred
skills to teach ages 1-6 on bars, beam and vault.  Also, she gives you ideas for drills,
spotting, safety hints, and lots of station ideas.  Multiple handout sheets are included.

#110 – cooperative Games and Parachute Fun
– 1 hr 10 min.

 A demonstration tape and
complete explanation of over 50 parachute activities and 50 cooperative games
for preschool and school age classes and parties.  A complete list of all 100 games is included.

#111 – Be a Super Teacher (1989) (90 min.)

 A motivational lecture on
tape to cure staff burnout and excite your gymnastics instructors to be the
best possible.  Designed to give to that
coach who needs to be more responsible and enthusiastic.

#112 – Teaching Mom & Tot Classes – 1 hr 10 min.

During Patti’s lecture she gives hundreds of ideas on methods,
promotion, teacher recruitment, skills, and lesson plan development.  An 18-page manual is included.

#113 – Mom & Tot Classes (1991) (Lesson
Plans & Tape
– 2 hrs

An example of three different age groups of Mom & Tot
classes:  Infant Gym (35 min.) ages 6
mo.-1 yr.; Toddler Gym (40 min.) ages 1-2 1/2 yrs.; Mini-gym (45 min.) ages 2
& 3.  You receive 16 weeks of lesson
plans for Toddler Gym and Mini-Gym. 
These lesson plans were developed March ’91 into a 37-page manual.

#114 – Complimentary Income Producing
Programs (1991)

Gymnastic lessons are not the only way to bring in needed
capital.  Find out how to run successful
lessons in these areas:  Dance, Adult
Aerobics, Karate, Cheerleading, Swimming, Kid’s Fitness Classes, Parties,
Sleepovers, The Tumblebus, Tumbling Team, Merchandising, Field Trips, and
“Mom’s Day Out”.  A 15-page
manual is included.



06/2006                                                                                                                                     8-7

#116 – Celebrate the Holidays the Gymnastics Way

There are hundreds of preschool and school age ideas for lesson
plans that can be done year-round.  A
28-page manual is included.

#117 – Setting Up a Satellite Gymnastic
Program in Daycares (1989) –
  40 min.

A 40-minute lecture from Patti on where and how to begin this
easy-to-run program.  The equipment
you’ll need, marketing techniques and as a bonus, Patti shows small motor
activities (tape #118) that can be used in your program with equipment that’s
portable.  Promotional letters to
daycares and written forms included. 
Lesson plans not included (that’s item #119).

#118 – 100+ Small Motor Activities (1990) –
35 min.

This 35-minute tape is part of tape #117 (see business
section).  This includes 100 different
activities with ropes, hoops, balloons, balls, magic rope, ribbons, shapes,
sticks, and beanbags.

#119 – Daycare Lesson Plans & Video (1990) ( an actual
gymnastics class in daycare.) 
60 min.

A full school year’s lesson plans for gymnastic instructors to
use in 30 min. class or a 45 min. class situation for daycares.  Activities are structured with equipment that
can easily be carried into the daycare classroom.  Includes a 43-page manual.

#120 – Why Students Quit (1991)

This material was presented at the USGF National Congress and
business Seminar.  If you want enrollment
to be sky high, you can’t miss the information presented in this tape.  Included in the handouts with this tape are
samples of Patti’s Birthday cards, “Glad You Could Join Us” cards,
and many other promotional customer service cards.

#121a – The Secret to Keeping Good Staff
People (1991)

After the time and monetary investment of hiring and training
new staff, we’ll give you the proper tools to keep your staff happy and
motivated enough to make their “job” a “career” with
you!  Handout sheets are included.

#121b – Games for Bars, Beam, Trampoline,
and Tumbl-Trak (1997) –
55 min.

Your students have to have fun in your classes.  Don’t just play games on the floor.  Patti and her class show you numerous games
at all events to use for warm-ups, get to know each other games, strength and
flexibility games, and games just for fun. 
Included are handout sheets that explain all the games.  These games are for all ages.

#122 – Warming Up a Gymnastics Class (1991)

Being a certified aerobic instructor by ACE and AFAA, Patti
gives you what to do to SAFELY warm-up all of your gymnastics classes, and some
creative ways to warm-up your tots!  This
is a great instructional tape for staff meetings or individual teacher

#123 – 10 Keys to a Successful Program

This is a compact version of what every program needs in
relation to staff, curriculum, and facility (the particulars of the who, what,
why’s and where of your program). 
Hand-out sheets are included.

#124 – Advertising and Promoting Your Gym
(1991) –
1 hr 35 min.

Here Patti talks about what has worked and what hasn’t worked
during the first 23 years of her business regarding getting those new students
through the door!  In January of 1990,
Patti’s Gym brought in 75 new students with one advertising campaign.  Find out what that was!  hand-outs and sample ads are included.

#125 – Themes for Creative Lesson Plans
(1991) –
90 min

Themes include: Olympics, Circus, Beach Week, Traffic Safety,
Dinosaur, Hawaiian, Football, Ninja Turtle, Pirate, Country, Mickey Mouse, and
a Salute to Mexico.  A 64-page manual of hand-outs is included.

#126 – Special School-Age Lesson Plans
& Themes (1993)

Patti has thrilled you with preschool; now let her help you with
school age.  Patti includes themes to be
used for ages 6-12.  A 27-page manual is
included along with a lecture on tape explaining the programs and themes.




#127 – Gymnastic Meets for Recreational
Classes (1995)

Included is a videotape of an actual in-house meet, a coach
showing the routines that were taught in class, and a 25 page manual for
coordinating your own meet.  Perfect for
the novice director or new owner.

#128 – Back Handspring Drills (1995) – 1 hr 20 min.

Drills are shown during an actual back handspring clinic that
Patti has every Saturday.  Learn ways to
help students learn back handsprings and a way for the gym to make more money.

#129 – Implementing a Swimming Program into
a Gymnastic School (1993)
– 48 min.

After eight years of extremely profitable summer swimming
lessons, Patti shares an hour lecture (pool side) with her hints on building a
pool, marketing and advertising ideas, hiring staff, etc.  Included is a 20-page manual.

#130 – Using a Trampoline for Preschoolers
(1994) –
60 min.

Patti goes through the basic skills used for preschoolers, the
types of trampolines available, and also fun activities to do on the tramp for
Mom and Tot classes.  A 13-page manual is

#131 – Stations, Circuits, and Obstacle
Courses (1995)
– 1 hr 20 min.

A new tape showing over a hundred stations to use for preschool
classes for floor, bars, beam, trampoline, & Tumbl-Trak.  A manual of photos of additional setups is
also included.

#132     How
to Be a Great Gymnastic School Secretary (1995)

Your front desk person is equally as important as the coaches in
the gym, maybe more important for holding onto customers.  Patti motivates them to do their best in many
areas such as working with customers, being a go-between with the BOSS and the
staff, job responsibilities, and how to do them to the MAX!

#133a – Is Your Gym Ready for Atlanta 1996? (1995)

1996 is an important year for gymnastic schools.  Learn how to convert the excitement of the
public into profits for future years.  A
videotape of Patti’s past Olympic celebrations will be shown.  Included is a 32-page manual of supporting
material.  Ride the wave to financial
success by promoting your gym before, during, and after this historic event.

#133b – Lesson Plan Development (Perfect
for Preschool Directors and Owners)

This is a perfect tape for owners and preschool directors. Patti
discusses lesson plan format, incorporating skills into the lesson, sample
lesson plans, creating circuits & stations, incorporating music into the
lesson, themes, fitness concepts, and much more. A manual is included.

#134 – Successful Gymnastic Birthday
Parties (1995)
– 2 hr 30 min.

How to promote, run, evaluate, and coordinate parties for profit
ad more importantly, to promote the gym to get new students.  This package includes an hour lecture by
Patti, a sample school-age party and preschool party and a 40-page manual.

#135 – Creative Preschool Themes, 3rd
Edition (1995)
– 1 hr 50 min.

Themes include: Summer and Winter Olympics, Jurassic Park,
Barney, Flintstones, Hollywood, Outer Space, Thomas the Tank Engine, Aladdin,
Power Rangers, and Lion King.  A manual
of handouts is included.

#138 – Teaching Bars to School Age – 1 hr 17 min.

A videotape showing Patti and a group of students demonstrating
skills from long hang to kips and a sole circle 360. A great training tool for
recreational class teachers – see how to spot these skills.  Includes list of skills.

#139 – Teaching Beam to School Age  50min.

This videotape and list of skills starts with walks and goes to
back handsprings and aerials on low beam. 
Spotting hints are included.

#140 – Teaching Tumbling to School Age – 2 hr.

Patti is known for her innovative ways to teach tumbling to
children. Spotting and drills are shown as well as a listing of skills in
progression order and categorized into families

#141 – How to Spot Preschool and Beginner
Gymnastics –
55 min

55 min. This is an excellent tape for your new teachers who
especially need help spotting tumbling and bars.  Patti explains 27 key points and shows how to
spot over 50 skills with safety and efficiency of movement.  Patti also talks about spotting without
hurting your back and six special hints for safety when spotting preschoolers.






06/2006                                                                                                                                     8-9

#142 – What YOU can Do with Those Inclines,
Trapezoids, and Octagons –
1 hr 5

Most coaches are people who were gymnastic students when
teachers didn’t use these pieces of equipment. 
Unless you have this tape you’ll never know what you’re missing. Over
100 ideas are presented with students demonstrating these great new
techniques.   A must for new teachers to
use as a constant resource. Training is everything and you, as the owner, don’t
have time to do it.

#145 – Preschool Themes, 4th Edition – 1 hr 50 min

You’ve bought the last three editions of Patti’s creative
preschool themes. It’s now time for her newest offering. This tape includes the
best she did the last two years: Bananas in Pajamas, Comfy Couch, Jurassic Park (Dinosaur), Nutrition, Teddy Bear
Picnic, 101 Dalmatians, Winnie the Pooh, Bulls Week, Crazy Socks, Pocahontas,
Batman, and George of the Jungle.

#146 – Preschool Discipline & Class Management – 1 hr. 12 min.

Patti was filmed live at Region V
discussing ways to discipline preschoolers lovingly and keep their self image
intact. Fifty specific classroom management techniques are discussed in detail.
This is an excellent tape for young and/or new teachers. Manual included.

#147 – Parachute Fun –
57 min

Sixty-five activities and games
using a parachute are shown.  These games
are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of every child who participates.  Parachute games add color, fun and excitement
to any class. 

#150 – The ABC’s of Teaching Gymnastics – 60 min.

You loved tape #111, “Be a
Super Teacher.” Now Patti has made another motivational tape with 26 (A–Z)
ways your brand new and seasoned teachers can be the best they can be!
(Actually there are 70 topics. Patti discusses more than one topic for each
letter.) From Accountability to the parents, students, and other staff members
to Zeroing in on your goals, Patti hits all areas of being a great teacher. This was filmed live at a seminar in
September 2000.
Motivate your staff now!

#154 – 75 Preschool
Tips in 75 Minutes

Patti gave this session at Congress
and it was a huge success.  Patti gives
the best 8 ideas for marketing, equipment, warm-ups, teaching stations,
teaching tips, props, drills, and ideas for keeping students.  The 47 page manual is chocked full of photos
and handouts.  

#155 – Camps-One Day Money Makers – 75 min.  

This material was presented at the
2004 USAG Congress. The 75-minute video and the 83-page manual give you agendas
and timelines, themes, craft ideas, sample marketing pieces, and certificates
for cheer, dance, and gymnastics camps.  Every day the kids are out of
school plus one or two days per week during the summer offer these camps to
increase your income.

#208 – Teaching & Spotting Preschool Tumbling (training
tape) –
1 hr. 20

1 hr 20 min. Teaching tumbling to a
preschooler is a challenge, but with Patti’s hundreds of drills and spotting
techniques, this tape will be of great value to your staff. A complete skill list
is included.

#211 – What Makes a Great Teacher – 70 min. 

A motivational lecture on tape to cure staff burn-out
and excite your gymnastics instructors to be the best possible.  Designed
to give to that coach who needs to be more responsible and enthusiastic. 
Manual included

#214 – Three Keys to Success (Video tape
and 22-page manual)

This hour and half lecture was filmed during one of Patti’s’
one-day seminars. The keys to success are having outstanding staff, facility,
and curriculum. Patti goes into detail on how to make each of these areas

#218 – Using Props in Class – 1 hr 23 min

This tape is for owners, program directors, and teachers who
want new ideas for using props during warm-ups, waiting stations, and ending
activities. Props include swim noodles, paper plates, crepe paper, carpet
squares, Frisbees, pompoms, cans, newspaper, tubes, scooters, butterfly nets,
and other various make your own props, as well as lummi sticks, balloons,
balls, ribbons, bands, cones, laundry baskets, etc. Don’t miss this one!

#222 – Safe and Fun Warm-ups for All Ages
– 1 hr 45 min.

It’s crucial that each instructor can safely warm-up all age
classes and make it fun. Patti and her class show you tons, of songs, games,
imaginative play games, and pair exercises for ages 1-18. Patti supplies you
with a wealth of information on the do’s and don’ts of exercising and the
science of flexibility training.  This
would be great for a staff meeting. Patti shows a proper class warm-up with a
real class. Also shown is a circuit-training warm-up. Included is a manual of
notes from the video, games, poems, songs, etc.



#802 – Special Events (1988)

Ideas are shown on videotape with explanation on how to have
those special themes such as Gymnastics Safety, Fire Safety, Yoga, Halloween
Parade, Easter Hunt, Friend Day, Traffic Safety, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sesame Street, Mom’s
Spotting Clinic, and more!  A 29-page
manual of parent handouts, and coloring pages for the themes is included.

Video Magazine Volume 1, Spring, 1994 (2
hours – with manual of supporting material)

Lesson Plan Theme: Thomas the Tank Engine; Other topics: Getting
New Students, Evaluations, How to Keep Students Until Summer; Guest Speaker:
Jeff Metzger – “Five Sure
to Limit Your Club’s Growth”.

Video Magazine Volume II, Summer, 1994 (2
hours – with manual of supporting material)

Lesson Plan Theme: Barney; Other topics: Goal of the Month
Program, Office Management, Getting Ready for Fall, Employment Application,
Swim Lessons, Camps; Guest Speaker: Brenda Sharlow – “Mobile Gymnastics
and the Tumblebus”.

Video Magazine Volume III, Fall, 1994 (2
hours – with manual of supporting material)

Lesson Plan Theme: 
Aladdin; Other topics: Pay envelopes. Handstand Club, Be a Better
Leader, 25-Year Celebration; Guest Speaker: 
Jeff Lulla “School Age Gymnastics”.

Video Magazine Volume IV, winter, 1994 (2
hours – with manual of supporting material)

Lesson Plan Theme: Power Rangers; Other Topics: Safety in Gym,
Progression Sheets, Warming up a Gym Class, Private Lessons, Accident Form,
Christmas, Sleepovers, PTO Promotion, Coupons; Guest Speaker:  Steve Grealey “Staff Management”.