Try the Traveling Sokol Summer Camp!

image002The American Sokol Board of Instructors is dedicated to helping your Unit keep your students interested in Sokol and not lose them over the summer. Based on the success of the National Camp and the new success of the Traveling Sokol Summer Camp from last year, we are offering this program once again. The need to keep kids thinking about Sokol throughout the summer is vital. We are asking for interested Units or Districts to take advantage of this proven camp.

The Traveling Sokol Summer Camp will come to your Unit or District and run a weekend’s worth of programs and activities for any of your Sokol kids! The program will be a joint venture between the camp staff and your Unit/District. Starting on Friday night and ending on Sunday afternoon, the camp staff will run physical, mental, cultural, and artistic activities that will keep your Sokol kids interested and happy to be part of the Sokol program. Units/Districts will generally be responsible for meals and lodging of the students, but when it comes to the schedule and program, the traveling camp staff will take care of everything.

Please contact or 630-833-6916 if your Unit or District may have an interest in this kind of program. We find GREAT value in this and hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Click HERE to view the responsibilities of the camp staff and the host Unit/District.