American Sokol was built by the efforts of many volunteers, with “neither profit nor glory” as a mantra. We rely a great deal on volunteer time and efforts to accomplish our mission.

Why Volunteer?
There are many benefits associated with volunteering…making a difference, meeting new people, spending quality time with family members and friends, and learning new skills. Volunteer at a Sokol unit near you today!

Youth and Family Volunteering
The youth of America have numerous opportunities to volunteer, for some; it is a requirement for school, church, or synagogue. There has also been an increase during the past decade in national level volunteer programs for young adults.

Formally involving the entire family in volunteer activities addresses the benefits of youth volunteering while utilizing the volunteer resource of adults with children under eighteen. Sokol encourages parents and their children to volunteer together!

As a Sokol Youth or Adult Member, participants have the opportunity to volunteer at many events throughout the year: competitions, fund-raisers, exhibitions, and social, educational and cultural events. Various opportunities include but are not limited to set up/take down for special events, administrative work (print tickets, create letters, mail, postage), kitchen crews, chaperones, build props, create costumes, clean gyms, assist in a classes, or organize a social, educational or cultural event.

Please contact your local Sokol to find out how you can volunteer.