Core Program – Culture

Sokol provides a variety of classes that educate and cultivate its multi-cultural communities. We are committed to preserving and educating cultural values and awareness. American Sokol was founded by Czech immigrants, so the history and value of the Czech culture is still present and preserved in many aspects of the Sokol program and classes. This, coupled with a truly multi-cultural membership, serves as a foundation for the various Cultural Programs available.

Cultural Classes
Contact your local Sokol to see the international classes they offer


  • Folk Dancing
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Acrobatic Dancing
  • Cooking Class
  • Foreign Film Night
  • Community Theater and Music Productions
  • International Travel

American Sokol hosted to the first International Sport and Cultural Festival in Fort Worth Texas in 2009.

American Sokol has hosted and participated in International World Sokol Federation events and festivals since 1865 in many different countries.

Next International trip and event for American Sokol will be to Prague, Czech Republic in June of 2012!