Gaylord Soli Bio & Statement

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Antonin Dvorak Inspiration

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Frantisek Jan Skroup Inspiration

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American Sokol joins forces with Spanek Ent. and artist Gaylord Soli in order to launch the new Art Heritage Program.

American Sokol is proud to introduce our new Art Heritage Program, with a mission to provide an educational experience connecting people to our history through Art and Music.

Through the kind collaboration of a few Sokol members that we have communicated with during the Covid-19 pandemic, we discussed ways that we can sustain the organization with programs that are centered in a virtual community. Due to their past success implementing and Arts Program with a major cruise line, NFL, and the University of Florida, we believe this will be a program that will help American Sokol branch out and reach a whole new group of people that will support our organization.

The featured artist that has offered to help American Sokol with our very first Art Heritage Program is Gaylord Soli. Some time back, Gaylord Soli started a visual interpretation combining the distinguished facial features of classical composers with their specific instruments, notes and keyboards to epitomize the essence of these true masters.
Exclusively for American Sokol’s Art Heritage Program, Gaylord is offering his pieces of Antonín Dvořák and František Škroup.

The Dvorak piece significantly attaches us to our historic past. American Sokol has performed large group calisthenics to his “New World” Symphony both in Czech Republic and in America. American Sokol was formed by Czech immigrants in 1865 and today still utilize this music in our presentations to honor their history of and remembering their homeland to America.

The Škroup piece represents the Czech National Anthem. Sokols around the world, no matter the country or nationality, continue to honor the roots of the organization by playing “Kde domov můj” (Where is my Home) at all group events, prior to playing their own national anthem. When this song is played, people remember all of the struggles for freedom and democracy, as well as the beauty and love for the homeland. Along with anthems, American Sokol traditionally uses flags in all performances, most recently forming an official Honor Guard that performs at ceremonial events.

The new Art Heritage Program will be an ongoing fundraiser where all proceeds will contribute to our National Programs. We are so excited that these two pieces are exclusive to American Sokol for a limited time at special pricing, so you will want to be a part of helping American Sokol by purchasing one of Gaylord’s signed original pieces.

To purchase one of the pieces of art please go to and follow the links to the Art Heritage Program. You can also contact us at or call 708.255.5397. There are several formats to choose from and we hope that you enjoy learning about the Art and the story behind it.

Thank you from all of us at American Sokol for helping us launch this new program during these unprecedented times and keeping our organization alive! We look forward to offering our Art Heritage and share in the education and history of American Sokol. Nazdar!